How To Read By Heart ?;postID=2109142326144055387

Great reading, even when those who do not enjoy it, and so 

questions abound around and keen interested on what is good for 

them in between reading books or directed enrollment training 

programs or hosting with experiments to take advantage of them; 

and this sustains the whole course and bent it. With the importance 

of the subject, but I was called upon to write in it as much as 

possible, and invited me to write around it asking too much, but 

who can not afford one, but to answer them this article and I 

wanted to take material transmitted from May God asks that 

benefit them and makes them of ongoing charity.

                        Why do we read?;postID=2109142326144055387

The answer is no, because I have absolutely every man knows his 

goal of reading; In The objectives of the readers are mostly

1. Devotional goals: such as reading books of knowledge which 

is supervised and for which types of reading

2. Objectives and Functional: someone who reads at the heart 

of specialization and the nature of his work.

3. Developmental goals: They read what polished personal and 

promotes talent.

4. Cultural and cognitive goals: such as public reading of 

knowledge and access and to increase cultural inventory.

5. Recreational Objectives: The reading itself Ines of how that 

was the same reading of anecdotes and tales, salt and marvels?

6. Realistic goals: to interact with before marriage actually 

read or hear about the World Trade Organization reads them.

                        Where do you read?;postID=2109142326144055387

1. Taken place in the house for reading and not appropriate in 

all respects.

2. If you are traveling or waiting in place do not forget your 


3. Mark your car in the book, which does not need to read the 

follow-up to consider it if I had to wait because of the failure or 

violation of, or otherwise.

4. Place a suitable work to read after finishing each task 

assigned to you in the required manner

How to benefit from reading?;postID=2109142326144055387

1. Do not read only focus and attention around the pen.

2. Place the internal addresses of the topics and questions the 

book, especially the ones during the book.

3. Deal effectively with the benefits of the books will come.

4. Repeat read some of the books, especially the job for you.

5. Appropriate agreement between colleagues close together in 

age and interests to read a particular book or reading about a 

subject without specifying the title and then discussed.

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