Adverbs of Frequency

Adverbs of Frequency;postID=2655042018286614545

Adverbs of Frequency:

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Adverbs of Frequency:They show how 

conditions repeated the act. The most 

important repetition conditions.

*Sometimes         -            * Monthly    

*Frequently        -             *Never           

*Daily                  -              * Always

*Seldom              -               * Scarcely

                   * Hardly ever


A- After the simple tenses of to be {is,am,are,was,were,be,been}


He  is generally unhappy

I am often drink milk

B-Repetition conditions are usually normal before the verb 

main verb), but after ( helping verb).


*I daily eat chips  ( main verb )

* You must  never give up  ( helping verb)

c- Interrogative verbs, they are placed after auxiliary + subject


*   Does Sarah always visit his father?

*Have you always lived in Dubai ?

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