Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs;postID=5437282842823603102

1- Some phrasal verbs have two different meaning

A- Example:

Take up = Begin a new acticity

Take up = accept an offer

Turn down = reduce volume

Turn down= reject

Turn up = increase volume

Turn up = appear

2- Most Phrasal Verbs that take an object can be 

separated by the object


- You should give this job up


- You should give up this job

3- If we replace the object by pronoun , you must 

put the pronoun between two parts

C- Example:

-Should I give up this job ?= Yes you should give It 

4-There are a few Phrasal Verbs that  can not be 

separated by the object


-I came across the book by chance ( TRUE)

- I came that book across by chance ( FALSE)

5- There is nothing to worry about when the verb is 

intransitive Doesn't take an object


-My Phone has broken down

-I stayed up all night

6- A few Phrasal Verbs take as a second preposition

F- Example:

-Iam be hind with my emails, I must carch up on 

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