What is the difference Present Perfect and Past Simple? (I have done and I did)

What is the difference Present Perfect and Past Simple?


Note    We don’t use the present perfect (I 

have done) when you talk

about a finished time

A- When we Use a past tense:


Use a past tense to ask  (When ...? or What time ?)


Ø  The party was great yesterday.

Ø  I ate a lot of sweets Last week   

Ø  She arrived 12 minutes ago

Ø  What time did you finish work?

  B- When we Use  Present perfect


v  We use  Present perfect to show action 

that is complete at the time of speaking


Ø  Tom has driven 600 kilometers so far

Ø  I have studied 4 sections until now

1- Compare present perfect and past:

 Present perfect (have done)

v  We use the present perfect for a period of 

time that continues from the

   past until now  For example, today, this 

week, since 1985.


Ø  I've done a lot of exercises to day
Ø  Have you seen Sarah recently?
Ø  It hasn't rained these months.
Ø  Have you seen Sarah this evening?


     Note         The present perfect always has a connection with now.


past simple (did)

  We use the past simple for a finished time in 

the past. For example, yesterday,

last  week, from 2001 to 2009.


Ø  Did you see Sarah this 

Ø  I worked 4 h last week

Ø  I drove 500 kilometers yesterday
Ø  I didn't play tennis when I was on 
Paris  last summer.

Note :                   The past simple 

tells us only about the past.


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