How to take Note-taking skills ?

How to take Note-taking skills ?;postID=2715546791391879845

1) Make sure that your feedback 

summarizing article should not be 

notes that you write about the 


studied or book or chapter of the book, 

which is being studied by a replica

2) devised a method of shorthand and 

select your

3) is no doubt that a full write the 

words take a long time so you can 

invent your own  of words you want to 

use if we had, for example, the 

following sentence

"Born poet Abu Ala Marri in Maart from 

the Levant in 367 AH and then moved 

to Baghdad and settled in."

We can write this sentence reductase as 

"Marri, a poet, denuded, Cham 0.367, 


4) Write both the headlines and the 

side-lines of different

These are some of the symbols that 

help us to conserve

Box key ideas important

Place the triangle reasons: Why ... how ....
True general concepts

Put the names of people circle

Place the rectangle details or ideas 

least important

4) Learn the basic shape of the subject

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