What is the Story ? ( Story Elements ) .

What is the Story ? (  Story Elements ) .


The simplest definition of a story as a group 

incidents imagined in the lives of people 

imagined, but the imagination which is 

derived from the real-life  and their subjects 

as though the story explain the experience 

might fall into the lives of a group of humans 

and often beyond human understanding 

feelings and apprehensive, but this 

succumbed to the emotions unable to 

interpret ... 

How many wish to find analyzes of his 

feelings and motivations There is no doubt 

that the story teller ensures that his more 

accurate sense of what other people perceives 

a substantial degree of perception and 


Story Elements

1) Tale

It is a series of partial events arranged along 

the lines of a special attracts the reader to  in 

the passion and the simplest way to view 

events and sequencing that Retold writer on 

the lips of the hero of heroes, and called this 

method the style of the conscience of the 

speaker and the drawback that all events and 

are linked by the characters tells the story 

from the point of view of personal lists the 

story and some of the positions of the task or 

the feelings of other characters can not be 

registered for the distance from the impact of 

the narrator in the personal and often believe 

that the story is told in this way is a 

translation of the author biographies.

2) figures

It is associated with events and interact with 

them and their number varies depending on 

the type of story (novel - the story - short stories). 

The story, for example, social contain a large 

number of disparate personalities conflict 

arises between them and apply to the 

movement in the story, while the least 

number of characters in the story's 

psychological author of the study is available 

for all personal and analyzed during the 


3) plot

This is called building a story, a stream 

which pushes the characters and incidents 

until it reaches  in the sequence of natural 

logical not jinx the event or intrusive to the 

character, and there are two types of plot: the 

first based on the sequence of events sequence 
breathtaking draws the reader to it as we find 

in the novels of adventure and risks, and  

the second depends on the personalities and what 

comes out of their actions and opinions and 

be accidents in this type of unintended 

themselves but are intended to analyze and 

understand these characters?

4) the time and place

Each incident must be located in a specific 

time and place and then should be to 

 linked conditions and habits particular time 

and place, which occurred in them.

5) The idea

What tale of Troy events fall only to decide  

the idea underlying the construction of the 

story, and the story teller clever is that 

connects us his idea indirectly through his 

narrative of events, the idea that builds upon 
the author of his story are not announced, 

but seep into our minds with current events 

and personalities that interact with them so If 

the story ended we realized the idea upon 

which the types of story.

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