What is Novel ?

What is Novel ?


The Novel 

The novel is the largest types of stories in 

terms of length, but the length is not the only 

characteristic of the novel about the story 

and short stories , novel represents the era 

and the environment of any that have a 

dimension in time and another spatially and 

possibly expanding the dimension of time and 

take life hero or age generations sequential as 

we see in the trilogy Naguib Mahfouz , as 

well as novel war and peace Tolstoy , as well 

as respect for after spatial novel accommodate 

several places have been transmitted from one 

continent to another and figure in the novel is 

of great importance , the writer should be 

based on the multiple ways the tale and 

sometimes he uses a narrative style direct and 

at other times makes the characters 

decomposition of each other and sometimes a 

third leaves the figures presented its ideas , no 

doubt that the dialogue has a key role in the 

novel , but this should be a strong indication 

of the center replete with personal emotion 

and movement in different scenes of the 

story .

Some researchers believe that the novel and 

the story is one thing and others believe that 

the difference between them is due to how 

close each of actually touching , novel 

adheres imaging Mystery events and 

personalities while the story does not see 

anything wrong prevail along with fiction as if 

depicting events piercing is not possible to 


, or personalities enormous Do not we 

encounter in reality.

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