What is the difference between Like And As

What is the difference between Like

And As


    A. Like

Like = 'similar to', 'the same as'. 

that you cannot use as in this way:

What a beautiful house! It's like a palace. (not 

'as a palace')

 'What does Sandra do?' 'She's a teacher, like 

me.' (not 'as me')

 In these sentences, like is a preposition. So it 

is followed by a noun (like a palace), a 

pronoun (like me/like this) or ~ing (like 


You can also say 'like (somebody/something) 

doing something':

Examples :

 'What's that noise?' 'It sounds like a baby 

   Sometimes like = 'for example':
Some sports, like motor racing, can be 


  You can also use such as 

Some sports, such as motor racing, can be 


Form :

We use as (not 'like') before a subject + verb

We also say as you know/as I said/as she 

expected/as I thought etc.:
 As you know, it's Tom's birthday next week. 

(= you know this already)

 Jane failed her driving test, as she expected.  

she expected this before)


that we say as usual/as always:
 You're late as usual.

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