1-Defined ;

Is to highlight the text of the original author of the

 summary manner in a few words , while 

maintaining the core of the written text .

2-the importance of the summary :

1 - to enable the reader of the absorption and 

concentration, and the ability to capture 

important elements of the subject by limiting 

the main ideas ...

2 - Summary of practical training on writing 

intensive , and retrieval of structured 

information that  reader , and a test 

of the absorptive destinies .

3 - Summary life necessity to invest the time 

and the introduction of energy .

4 - deepening the writer and the reader a look 

at the topics summarized .

5 - to generate self-confidence ; wording of the 

individual , and  stirring confidence .

6 - Summary of important seminars and 

conferences , and scientific research.

3- the steps that must be followed in the

 summary :

- The first step: This step is called exploratory

 reading . And which is determined by the 

main ideas in the text, and put lines 


- Step Two: The distinction between what is 

important ideas that have been identified in 

the previous step and the neglect of what is 

not necessary.

- The third step : where are written summary , 
which obscures the original text aside, and 

writes the summary of the total absorption of 

the idea .

- Step Four: compared with the original 

summary , in order to validate the summary 

of the asset , and make the appropriate 

adjustments .

4- basic principles must be taken into

 account in the summary ( Terms 

summary )

1 - may not be modified and the distortion of 

the article summarized even Ati_oh , or 

change the original meaning .

2 - Know the distinction between primary and 
secondary education , fueling ideas through 

more importantly, what is important is less 

important .

3 - get rid of digression , margins , and 

numerous examples of her Adrorh .

4 - Do not ignore the reference to the 

references and assets that are retained by the 

original text has been corroborated in the 

Metn .

5 - the balance between the summary 

paragraphs , so to  section of the topic 

summary on the other .

6 - sequence in the presentation of ideas .

7 - to maintain the essence of the idea of what 

can be the least convincing phrases .

8 - must be the drafting of the text manner 

Summarized by .

5-summarized paragraph :

- Is through wholesale sufficiency contained 

- Can be used with some supporting

- Write a summary.

6- summarize the article :

1 - delete paragraphs that do not includethe 
value of ideas .

2 - the integration of some of the paragraphs 

together when necessary.

3 - reword the article in accordance with the 

new image while maintaining the original 

sequence .

7- summarize the book :

1 - read the book absorbing reading .

2 - showing the main axes in the book.

3 - Sub- axes found in the book.

4 - linking all axes .

5 - Write a summary.

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