Past Perfect Simple

Past Perfect Tense

1- The Form of The Past Perfect Tense:

Had + Past participle form




I had played

Had  I played ?

I had not played

2-The Uses Of The Past Perfect Tense:

A-The past perfect is used for an action which finished in 

the past and whose result was visible in the past .

B- One action was completed before another action in the past 


-He arrived after we had had dinner.

-She had learned Japanese before she went to Japan.

- I passed the exam because I had worked hard.

- It had started to rain by 8 am yesterday.

- He had watched the film before he went to bed .

Pay attention :

C- we use past perfect for the first action and simple past 

for the seconde action for example :

-(First), he watched the film, and then he went to 

bed. (After) .

- First action we use past perfectwatched the film

- 2nd action we use past simlpe : went to bed

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