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Attributive And  Predicative Adjective

1-When an adjective come before a noun it is 

Attributive ;

Examples :

1- She ‘s an intelligent young woman 

2- I like strong cheese  

2-When an adjective is separated from the noun and 

comes after the verbs it

Is predicative an adjective can follow verbs like be

Become  get seem appear feel smell look make (+ person) 


Stay grow turn it’s a complement of the verb and not an 


Examples :

1- The exam was really easy

2- He seems worried 

3-A few adjectives can have a different meaning

As attributive adjectives from their meaning as

Predicative adjective 

Examples :

1- Amina ‘s a really old friend

( I have know her for a long time )

2- Jane ‘s quite old now

( Old in age )

4- A few adjectives can be used only as attributive 

Adjectives or only as predicative adjectives

Examples :

1-Only predicative

Some adjectives relating to health ; including :

Ill, poorly, fine , well, unwell

ex :

He is very ill 

Adjectives beginning with a including : asleep, awake 

afraid , alive

ex : Do you feel afraid ?

- Some adjectives describing feelings including :

Sorry, pleased , glad, content , upset 

ex : She seems upset

Only attributive 

- Adjectives which qualify the noun including :

Only, chief , main , particular 

ex: You are my only friend

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