what is writing ?


If we consider that writing "transfer thinking mind the words of another," We can see four major complex skills must be met are:

  • Independent way of thinking without it will not enjoy a read what we write .
  • The ability to organize our thoughts reader will see the trees , but will not see the fruits will not benefit from them.
  • Choose the best words expressive of what in our minds without them will not understand what we are trying a speech about it.
  • Create a space for readers to fill their expertise without special forget what we wrote in the case .
  • Do these requests seem impossible for you? Do not worry , because the writing is impossible to require the work of all of us . You can simply ratify that there are ways to climb the mountain . You will not easily reach the summit , but the climb will enter the joy of the heart and vision to become the best constantly .
  • Use this method to learn some simple strategies that you can use to improve your skills in writing.

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