Sources Of Pollution

Divided into two 

1 - Natural pollution:;postID=4238010915161528453

They pollutants emanating from the 

environment itself, such as earthquakes 

- volcanoes - sand dune encroachment on 

farms and heavy rains that washed away the 

soil, but, God willing, and after a period of 

time the balance of nature itself.

2-Pollution due to human activity:;postID=4238010915161528453

Human is the main reason to make a basic

 process of pollution in the environment and

 the emergence of all the different types of 

pollutants and will represent as follows:

Human = industrial expansion - technological

 progress - the misuse of resources - the 

population explosion.

- Man is the one who invents.

- He made​​.

- He uses.

- A primary component of the population.

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