Since and For

ForDuration of the event - the period

SinceThe starting point of the event 

1 - If you since came up with a single act we put it in the time of the present perfect:


She has learned English since 1995.

2 - If you since came up with They did put before the present tense and then full time the past simple.

USE : 

The present perfect + since + past simlp


She has been in bed since she arrived home.

 He has been studying since he returned from
 school . 

Note the following table:

Since 8 o'clock
Since 2003
Since last night
Since April
Since Friday
Since then,
Since spring
Since his arrival

For 2 hours
For 5 years
For a day
For a night
For 2 months
For 4 days
For ages
For a season

1- If asked to use to put since instead of  when 

We use the present perfect time exile:


I last saw her when she was a child. 

 I haven't seen her since she was a child.

2- If asked to use to put Ago instead of  For

We use Began to Before the source of the 

original act:


She has played tennis for five years.

 She began to play tennis five years ago.

3- If asked to use to put Just instead of 

a moment ago

We use The Present Perfect


She left home a moment ago.
 She has just left home

4- If asked to use to put  Since instead of For 

We follow the method as follows:

He has worked as a teacher for 9 years.

He has worked as a teacher since 2005.

Its 9 years since he worked as a teacher.

5- We use for instead of since


The last time I met her was 7 months ago

 I haven't seen her for 7 months

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