Simple Present Tense

Simple Present Tense

1- The Form of The Simple Present Tense:




I work

Do I work?

I don’t work

He works

Does he work?

He doesn’t work

She works

Does she work?

She doesn’t work

It works

Does it work?

It doesn’t work

You work

Do you work?

You don’t work

We work

Do we work?

We don’t work

They work

Do they work?

They don’t work

2-The Uses Of The Simple Present Tense :

A- Use Simple Present for facts and habits that always true , never change .

Look at this examples :

*To talk about facts :

-I like soda

-I live in Japan

-It rains a lot here

*To talk about habits :

-She drives fast

-I go out every Saturday

To talk about job :

-My father works as a teacher

For a general truth

-Water boils at 100 c

2- Signal Words of Simple Present :

A-These words tell you that you use the present simple :

Always – usually – never – seldom – often – 


 B-We can also find other phrases like :

Every week – every day – every year

After work – on Mondays

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