Pollution Of The Environment

     Pollution   Dangers  threaten   us 


Human folk change the natural structure 

of the constituent elements of the 

environment as a result of its many uses 

, leading to a nuisance to their basic 

characteristics and can cause harmful effects 

to humans or to other neighborhoods .

The treated imbalance in the ecosystem is 

the presence of contaminants , which 

increased with increasing income individuals 

and Maysthlkunh of natural resources for the 

operation of factories, production lines and 

became their dependence on those products 

to cover their daily needs , prompting 

factories to provide these needs for material 

gain without focusing on the negative effects 

that may occur to the environment and that is

 the emergence of a number of new 


in the center of the circles of the environment 

( water - air - soil ) , which cause an 


from the usual damage to organisms and 

environmental imbalance .
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