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Paragraph : 

Is a group of sentences that develops the main idea, interconnected
Them and sequential, and start a new line, and ends with punctuation occasion.

The function of the paragraph:

Paragraph writer divided ideas into units help the reader and writer on the concept of one
From the general idea and illustrated, and then comes the second idea presented by another, and so on.

Characteristics of the paragraph:

1 - revolve around the idea of ​​a partial paragraph one .

2 - describes the sentences to help the basic syntax called « Wholesale tagged » ,
And make up all of one paragraph .
And this sentence be tagged : prayer , or a question , or a quote from the Koran ,
Or hadith , or aphorism , or be forbidding style , or method Braa , or a definition of the subject .

3 - The length of a paragraph or limit linked to the quality issue, the subject was explained it improves
Use long paragraphs and sentences easy , albeit subject to influence and provoke emotion is worth
To be a medium-length paragraphs , and sentences are short, and powerful lyrics .

4 - diversification of the method , para not be one of a kind , but containing a nominal sentences
The actual and order  and police , and all associated presentation and discussion , according to the type and subject.

5 - taking care not to repeat the same link in successive paragraphs .

what is writing ?

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