How to improve your writing skills ?

There is no doubt that the main reason for not taking the 

writing hobby when many young people due to the idea that 

recalled those of some writers that writing talent , as that 

would make young people understand to be either writing 

talent or may not be . Therefore many of them are not trying 

to write absolutely . , and if some have tried , it does not 

continue to try for a long time . , and if some of the top 

writers said that the others say that the talent in writing does 

not represent only a part of the ten parts . and the nine other 

parts represented in the practice of writing itself in patience 

does not know boredom .;postID=1754633013300749899

The thing that is no doubt that the writing is usually well as 

gaining practice gaining any other habit . We did not know in 

the history of writing long a writer is born unable to write 

without Iholha and practiced long . If there are those who say 

that writing is difficult, the difficulty comes from it thinking , 

and thinking hard , but we get used to it when it becomes so 

easy . What holds true for thinking of writing as well as it 

does not become a long practice in which the difficulty .

We can get used to taking writing hobby We practice in our 

free time we practice as any other hobby . We may find it 

difficult in the beginning but when we continue , we 

overcome this difficulty . 
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