How Protect Your Eyes ? (10 Steps);postID=741641035976080551
Eyes are very important for us, so we should take care of them.

Step 1 :

1. If a strange thing enters your eye, don>t rub it; close it for a moment and a tear will exit with it.;postID=741641035976080551
2. Wash your eyes with warm water with salt, if they are irritated by the air or dust.

3. Don>t look at the sun, a light or fire for a long period of time.;postID=741641035976080551

4. You should give your eyes a rest, even if they are healthy and strong.

5. If you want to work, read or write, you should put the light in the left side.;postID=741641035976080551

6. Don>t read when you are walking or lying.

7. Don’t move fast from a hot to a cold place or from a dark to a bright place.

8. If you use glasses, remove the glasses for a moment and then close your eyes for several minutes to give them a rest.;postID=741641035976080551

9. Clean your glasses before you wear them.

10. Don’t use a medicine for your eyes without the doctor>s permission.
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