The Simple Future

The Simple Future

The Simple Future Tense :

1-The Forms of The Simple Future Tense :

Will / ‘ll + Verb

"will = 'll"




I will go

Will I go ?

I will not go

He,she,it will go

Will He,she,it go?

He,she,it will not 

You will go

Will you go ?

You will not go

We will go

Will we go ?

We will  not go

They will go

Will they go?

They will not go

 2- The Uses Of The Simple Future Tenses:

A-Use Simple Future to talk about things or activities or 

acts that occur in the future

  B-Whether near or distant future (of course certainly 

clear from the name of time)

C-So all acts accordingly, it is impossible to occur at the 

time of the past or present tense.

 Examples :

-He will come tomorrow.

-She will travel tomorrow.

Note 1: we can say “Will + not or won’t’’ : negative.


-He won’t come tomorrow

-She will  not travel tomorrow

Note 2: we use “Shall’’ with ( I / We ) : interrogative 


Shall we go for a walk?

Shall I carry the bag for you?

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