What is Education ?

Education refus to teching and learing specific skills like reading, learing, writing, speacking etc and Education helps us thinks criticaly and opens up own min as to others ideas and cltures.


Goals or ains of Education :

- Training out mind to thing criticaly and rationlly
- Making people self reliant and confident
- Getting a certification
- Putting an end eradicating illiteracy 
- Opening out minds to new ideas 

Formal, Informal and Non-formal Education :

1- Formal Education = It refers to learning through a programme of instruction in an Education institution, adult training center or in the workplace .

2- Informal Education = It refers to learning through a programme but it is not usually evaluated and does not lead to certification .

3- Non-formal Education = It refers to learning resulting from activities related to daily work, family or lesisure .

Verbs related to schooling :

To test , to work , to improve , to listen , to learn ,to read , to write , to think , to study , to get a degree , get school ship . 

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